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Uncover The Charm of a Stamped Concrete

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Stamped Concrete is expanding in appeal for its capability to supercede previous "curb appeal" functions. If the goal is to define the exterior to ensure that you can attract prospective buyers to keep in mind and wish to inspect the remainder of the property, a stamped and discolored concrete driveway or entry will certainly help your home or business to attract attention.

Extra features include:

  • Integral Color - Color contributed to the concrete while it is yet in the mixing phase (in the truck).
  • Borders -  Integrating multiple textures (i.e. Broom/smooth edges with a particular stamp in the business, giving the impact of framing the stamped information).
  • Vertical Stamping -  Regardless if using the same texture to the risers on concrete steps or stamping vertical wall surfaces.
  • Accent Coloring - Colors used during stamping or after concrete has treated so as to highlight texture information.
  • Staining -  Regardless if carrying life to old concrete or including color/detail to a fresh pour.
  • Sealing - With a range of sheens, the sealer you choose will identify whether your final surface is high gloss (wet look) or soft.

Just like most building processes, various contractors may approach the same procedure differently. Not all variants misjudge but you will intend to discover how experienced your contractor is with the stamping procedure. Discover what textures your contractor has offered and ask to see some current projects. Although most contractors will have pictures and examples of textures and colors, viewing an actual final product will really assist you identify if stamped concrete corrects for you.


The stamping describes the finish application where a chosen texture is imprinted into the concrete throughout the final phases of the concrete finishing procedure. With a host of texture options, stamped concrete can add the impacts of natural stone, patterns and distinct details to any concrete project.

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